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Kenyon has taken a long road to reach its current position of leadership in the home grill and cooktop industry. Founded in 1931, Kenyon began as a manufacturer aviation and machine instruments -- a far cry from their famous grills! As they progressed in their business, they introduced a ceramic glass cooktop for marine settings, which in turn became a sought-after standard for private yachts. As the popularity of this cooktop grew, consumers -- who adored its even cooking -- demanded a version to use when they weren't floating on the water miles from shore. So Kenyon moved from marine instrumentation and supply to home cooking, and a tradition was born. Today, Kenyon is North America's largest single manufacturer of ceramic glass cooktops and stainless steel electric grills, a position it maintains by consistently producing the finest products in both categories on the market. With a tradition of reliable quality and a legacy of innovation, every Kenyon product is seated firmly at the very top of its class. Both portable and built-in grills and cooktops provide you with the utmost versatility and flexibility to design the best home or outdoor cooking space so that you can put together exactly the configuration that suits you best. Kenyon doesn't just cook -- Kenyon gets out of the way so you can cook.

Every Kenyon grill and cooktop is manufactured to the highest standards for quality, reliability, and safety. That's why Kenyon is name that's been trusted for over eighty years as the height of grilling excellence, whether you're on the high seas or just at home.

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