Holmes Air Conditioning Products

Winter, Summer, Winter, Summer. For those that live with inadequate home heating and cooling these are the two most dreaded words in the English language. That's why Holmes makes fans, heaters, humidifiers and air purifiers that improve your quality of life with their affordable products that will give you years of value.

Holmes' line of compact ceramic heaters are great for offices or workshops. They use an efficient ceramic heating element to deliver Infrared Heat that directly warms you better than fan space heaters. Of course, for bedrooms and larger spaces, fan space heaters are the best tool for the job by circulating warmed air for greater comfort. All Holmes heaters have essential safety features like cool-touch housings, auto-shut-off, and tip-over protection.

Holmes also makes fans for the summer months. The most affordable and energy-efficient ways to beat the heat, and it's great for circulating fresh air in musty or stuffy spaces in your home. Speaking of which, you can reduce household allergens with an Air Purifier from Holmes. Using proven HEPA filtration technology, you'll breathe easier knowing that dander, dust, pollen, and spores have been swept clean. Keep your air and space fresher and more comfortable with Holmes.