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Friedrich focuses on manufacturing air conditioners for commercial and residential use. The company has been operating in the United States since 1883 and is now headquartered in San Antonio, Texas. Founder, Ed Friedrich, started the company creating various handcrafted furniture but shifted focus to refrigeration for food preservation with the changing times. Friedrich expanded into a large producer of refrigeration equipment for commercial use by the 1950s. They have provided many firsts within that industry especially with introducing the first refrigerator with display for retail. Today, Friedrich only concentrates on manufacturing air conditioners.

Friedrich specializes in innovating the latest air conditioners to be built durable, but operate quietly while cooling efficiently. For commercial-grade products, Friedrich wants to be the first choice to handle any harsh surroundings with units located on industrial oil rigs and even the Kennedy Space Center. Friedrich chooses top quality materials and mechanisms to meet a rigorous standard. Friedrich reinforces the point that their air conditioners are among the best for quiet and efficient operation.

Friedrich has been spending years in developing and testing air conditioners to satisfying the demands for consumers. Some of the tests Friedrich engineers and development team run with their prototypes designs before substantiation include soak-testing for humid environments, and using punishing temperatures for examining durability. To provide for an air conditioner built to last, Friedrich requires controls to withstand hundreds of hours of repeated use, in addition, to purposely damage them in logistics tests and correcting any mistakes or improve on certain qualities.

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