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Franke brings European elegance and Swiss precision into the American kitchen with their complete line of "intelligent kitchen systems". Sinks, faucets, drains and disposal units form the backbone of your kitchen, supporting all the work you do preparing homecooked meals for friends and family. That's why Franke's products are built to be versatile, durable, and beautiful. No matter what your kitchen requires, there's something here that's the right size, depth, and style for you.

A stainless steel sink is one of the most enduring and timeless items you can choose for your kitchen. Franke only uses high gauge steel for strength, with high chromium and nickel content that produces rich deep glow and exceptional corrosion resistance. Whether you want a seamless undermounted sink or a complication-free topmount model, each Franke unit comes with "Ultra Quiet" sound deadening pads that eliminate unwanted vibrations and noises from heavy utensils and pots. Just as innovative as their steel sinks are Franke's Composite Granite (with Sanitized protection built into the sink) and their proprietary Tectonite material for even more options.

Sometimes, cooking is messy business. That's why Franke makes powerful Range Hoods and Disposal Units that easy to operate and maintain a compact form factor. These attractive devices keep your kitchen clean and odor free and have all the strength you need (up to 1HP on food disposers, up to 900 CFM for the blowers) without making too much noise. Accessorize your hood with steel baffles, remote controls, or extra ventilation to make your intelligent system as smart as you are.

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