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In recent years, many range manufacturers have sought to make professional, restaurant-quality equipment for the home, but Five Star has hit the magic spot in performance, style and affordability. Highly rated and perfectly suited for your kitchen, these ranges are made from stainless steel with sturdy cast iron grates. Most ranges come with the reversible Lodge cast iron grill/griddle plate that drastically expands your cooking options in one easy to clean surface.

Five Star is proud of the burner system they have created for their ranges. The burner is like the engine of the cooktop, and if it can't deliver on power and control, then everything else is just the trim. The Ultra High-Low Burner system allows the chef to work across the entire temperature spectrum. Starting at 350 BTUs, low enough to temper chocolate while on high each individual burner can produce 21,000 BTUs, this kind of versatility is unheard of in a sealed cap burner. Not satisfied with just one option, Five Star created Vari-Flame open burner which offers the same cooking flexibility in an unsealed form factor.

For the oven, Five Star has included their TurboFlow Convection system, which bakes and roasts faster than traditional ovens. They also are true Dual Fuel Ovens, as a professional will tell you, dry electric heat and moist gas heat both serve their purposes, and Five Star lets you use both.

We here are fans of Five Star. Each one of their products are hand crafted in America to exact standards with everything you need to unleash your culinary genius.

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