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Fire Magic makes the hottest, most reliable, most highly rated outdoor grills on the market. These grills and accessories are for the chef that will not compromise on performance or construction, this is the brand for those that only care about the final cooked dish. Always made from solid welded 304 stainless steel, these grills are built to last a lifetime, which is they have a lifetime warranty on the cooking components. Available as a freestanding unit or as a built in console for your patio or backyard.

What makes a Fire Magic grill so essential is its complete domination of the entire temperature spectrum. On low it can be set to smoke, braise, or slow cook for fork tender meats and harmonious flavors. On high heat, the burners actually gets the solid steel grill bars red-hot, this pure infrared heat quickly sears steaks, seals in juices, and makes those perfect steakhouse quality grill marks. Extras like side burners, warming drawers, and rotisseries let you do even more with your Fire Magic, the grills that receive 5-stars from real barbecue experts.

The grill is just the beginning, Fire Magic provides everything you need for the outdoor kitchen. Store your food and beverages closer to the party with an outdoor refrigerator that not only compliments your grill, but can stand up equally well to the elements. Minibar, storage drawers, and smoker boxes complete the package and provides the perfect space for al fresco dining. Fire magic is a trusted name for professional chefs, their American made products have appeared on the Today Show and in Esquire magazine.

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