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EcoSmart Fire Fireplaces

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One of the fastest growing categories we sell is the bold new world of bio-ethanol fire features. At the head of the pack is Australian manufacturer EcoSmart, with their complete fireplace system that lets you enjoy the warmth and beauty of a real fireplace safely and conveniently.

Bio-ethanol is a sustainable fuel derived from plants, what makes it ideal for indoor use is that it burns cleanly without any smoke or ash. The only byproducts are heat, water vapor, and environmentally neutral carbon dioxide. This means that your EcoSmart fireplace can go anywhere you want with no cumbersome ventilation requirements. EcoSmart goes one step further with their specially designed burners and housings that can be open, enclosed, freestanding or wall-mounted in a variety of colors and finishes. Your EcoSmart fireplace can be the center attraction or a charming accent piece for any space indoors or out.

Another key feature is EcoSmart's proprietary operational system that makes it one of the safest products of its kind. Every aspect from refueling, ignition, and extinguishing the flame has been thoroughly engineered for safety and control. These products have undergone repeated independent testing and maintain an exceptional safety record. That's why we believe you will be just as excited for these innovative fireplaces as we are.

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