Comfort Research Bean Bag Chairs

Born of necessity in a college dorm room when Matt Jung and Chip George decided to rehab an old beanbag chair, Comfort Research has, for over a decade, been one one of the fastest growing businesses in America. Still lead by its young, enterprising, entrepreneurial founders, this booming company has grown from its early, humble, college-dorm origins into a leading alternative furniture business. From its flagship Fuf chair, a beanbag filled with foam instead of beans, to traditional beanbags and gaming chairs, Comfort Research is a company dedicated to producing chairs that are comfortable, fun, and easy to use. That's why their every product evinces the casual atmosphere in which the first was made. Comfort Research doesn't just outfit your kid's dorm room; Comfort Research brings the laid-back attitude of the dorm to you.

And with a wide range of versatile beanbag and Fuf chairs in a variety of sizes, you're sure to find the right chair for your space, including everything from small 3-footers to couch-sized 7-footers to one that even includes an ottoman! Available in numerous colors, you can trust that Comfort Research has just the right ultra-casual piece of alternative furniture for you.

This young, dedicated, innovative company hand-sews their beanbag chairs at their facility in Grand Rapids, Michigan. They're devoted to producing excellent, high-quality products, and it's that commitment to quality that has earned them their place in our carefully-curated catalog of remarkable things.