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Cavaliere builds professional-quality range hoods for your home. That means professional-quality power, professional-quality reliability, and professional quality customer service.

Their specialty is their stainless steel range hood collection, made with the best available components and using the leading-edge technology to set itself apart from simpler brands. Common features on Cavaliere Range Hoods include electronic touch controls, high volume fans/blowers, and auto shut-off timers. Cavaliere also uses a convenient dishwasher-safe baffle filter, which eliminates the need for awkward scrubbing.

Cavaliere Range Hoods look just as good as they perform. Expertly crafted modern design and seamless brushed steel exteriors give a refined quality to your kitchen while protecting the rest of your home from smoke, grease, and pervasive odors. That's why we're proud to offer Cavaliere for your kitchen ventilation needs.

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Cavaliere AirPRO 238 Professional

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Cavaliere 218

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