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Driving into the BOB office in beautiful Boise you notice two things: fewer cars in the parking lot and a plethora of two-wheelers in the bike rack, even on the snow-stacked days of deep winter. This is not a reaction to the bulge in gas prices or a sudden guilt-induced concern over the environment, but a reflection of the basic culture at BOB. BOB has always preferred using their own horsepower over resource-consuming products. In fact, if your visit had occurred three years ago, or thirteen years ago, you would have seen pretty much the same thing.

But then, BOB has always thought differently. it is how they work, it is how they live and especially, how they create revolutionary innovations. Walking down their halls, you will not see suits and ties or a corporate boardroom. Just casually clad people working hard to create great products that bring more freedom to those that love getting out into the natural world.

it is that simple really. Commit to quality and the rest falls in to place. Do not rush to be the first, innovate to be the best. These are the same standards BOB began with 17 years ago and it is how they will continue to prove their dedication to the customer.

We hope you enjoy the BOB experience as much as they do, and it is their promise to keep delivering the high quality products and great customer service you expect.

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