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At Avanity, ideas stem from customer need. Innovative products, compelling designs, quality workmanship, superior customer service, a fair price—these are the things you can expect from Avanity's line of vanity fixtures and bathroom accessories. But none of these components hold value unless customer need is fulfilled.

We offer a large assortment of designs featuring Contemporary, Transitional, Americana and Traditional details. Whether you are designing for a custom home or converted space, Avanity products possess a unique aura of individuality that will enhance any environment. More than just a sink, Avanity comes in a variety of exotic materials and shapes that will leave an impression on your guests.

Our customers know what they want. Avanity is listening.

Best Selling Avanity Products

Avanity Series

Avanity Brentwood

Shop Avanity Brentwood Home Decor
Shop Avanity Brentwood Sinks and Faucets
Avanity Hamilton

Shop Avanity Hamilton Storage
Shop Avanity Hamilton Home Decor
Shop Avanity Hamilton Sinks and Faucets
Avanity Kelly

Shop Avanity Kelly Storage
Shop Avanity Kelly Home Decor
Shop Avanity Kelly Sinks and Faucets
Avanity Lexington

Shop Avanity Lexington Storage
Shop Avanity Lexington Home Decor
Shop Avanity Lexington Sinks and Faucets
Avanity Loft

Shop Avanity Loft Home Decor
Shop Avanity Loft Sinks and Faucets
Avanity Madison

Shop Avanity Madison Storage
Shop Avanity Madison Home Decor
Shop Avanity Madison Sinks and Faucets
Avanity Modero

Shop Avanity Modero Storage
Shop Avanity Modero Home Decor
Shop Avanity Modero Bathroom Furniture
Shop Avanity Modero Sinks and Faucets
Avanity Provence

Shop Avanity Provence Storage
Shop Avanity Provence Home Decor
Shop Avanity Provence Sinks and Faucets
Avanity Sonoma

Shop Avanity Sonoma Sinks and Faucets
Shop Avanity Sonoma Storage
Avanity Tribeca

Shop Avanity Tribeca Sinks and Faucets
Avanity Tropica

Shop Avanity Tropica Home Decor
Shop Avanity Tropica Sinks and Faucets
Avanity Vermont

Shop Avanity Vermont Home Decor
Shop Avanity Vermont Sinks and Faucets
Avanity Westwood

Shop Avanity Westwood Home Decor
Shop Avanity Westwood Sinks and Faucets
Avanity Windsor

Shop Avanity Windsor Home Decor
Shop Avanity Windsor Sinks and Faucets