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Your one source for quality solid wood furniture, AAmerica was founded by brothers Fred and John Rohrbach in 1973 as a ceramics importer doing business in what is now Ho Chi Minh City. With the fall of South Vietnam, AAmerica turned to importing American hardwoods into Taiwan for the production of high-quality hardwood furniture, and to this day is one of the leading companies manufacturing importing superior products out of Taiwan, China, and Southeast Asia, including Hickory, Oak, Mahogany, Cherry, Birch, Pine, Maple, Ash and Alder furniture -- a broad selection you can't find anywhere else. And every product is manufactured to the highest standards -- these aren't cheap Asian imports we're dealing with here, but products that meet the high standards of Americans, and of AAmerica. These value-priced pieces include solid wood dining tables, chairs and master suites, formal and casual dining settings, and others in fashion-forward styles that are consistently raising the bar for the competition even as they easily glide over it.

That's why you know you can trust AAmerica -- an unrivaled tradition of high-quality production, beauty, and excellence that puts the competition to shame. With a matchless family pedigree informing their personal commitment to using only the best, most finely-sourced materials, this international company brings an individual touch to everything it does. It's that commitment, and that tradition, that has earned AAmerica it's place in our carefully-curated catalog of remarkable things.

Best Selling AAmerica Products

AAmerica Series

AAmerica Adamstown
Shop AAmerica Adamstown Bedroom Furniture
Shop AAmerica Adamstown Mirrors
Shop AAmerica Adamstown Chest of Drawers

AAmerica Amish Highland
Shop AAmerica Amish Highland Bedroom Furniture

AAmerica Amish Highlands
Shop AAmerica Amish Highlands Bedroom Furniture
Shop AAmerica Amish Highlands Mirrors
Shop AAmerica Amish Highlands Chest of Drawers

AAmerica Arden Oak
Shop AAmerica Arden Oak Chairs
Shop AAmerica Arden Oak Tables
Shop AAmerica Arden Oak Buffets

AAmerica Bristol Point
Shop AAmerica Bristol Point Chairs
Shop AAmerica Bristol Point Tables
Shop AAmerica Bristol Point Buffets

AAmerica British Isles
Shop AAmerica British Isles Chairs
Shop AAmerica British Isles Tables
Shop AAmerica British Isles Buffets

AAmerica Cherry Garden
Shop AAmerica Cherry Garden Bedroom Furniture
Shop AAmerica Cherry Garden Mirrors
Shop AAmerica Cherry Garden Chest of Drawers

AAmerica Kalispell
Shop AAmerica Kalispell Bedroom Furniture
Shop AAmerica Kalispell Mirrors
Shop AAmerica Kalispell Chest of Drawers

AAmerica Laurelhurst
Shop AAmerica Laurelhurst Chairs
Shop AAmerica Laurelhurst Tables
Shop AAmerica Laurelhurst Buffets

AAmerica Mesa Rustica
Shop AAmerica Mesa Rustica Chairs
Shop AAmerica Mesa Rustica Benches
Shop AAmerica Mesa Rustica Tables
Shop AAmerica Mesa Rustica Buffets

AAmerica Mission
Shop AAmerica Mission Bedroom Furniture
Shop AAmerica Mission Mirrors
Shop AAmerica Mission Chest of Drawers
Shop AAmerica Mission Trunks

AAmerica Parson
Shop AAmerica Parson Chairs
Shop AAmerica Parson Benches

AAmerica Petaluma
Shop AAmerica Petaluma Bedroom Furniture
Shop AAmerica Petaluma Mirrors
Shop AAmerica Petaluma Chest of Drawers

AAmerica Reedsport
Shop AAmerica Reedsport Bedroom Furniture
Shop AAmerica Reedsport Mirrors
Shop AAmerica Reedsport Chest of Drawers
Shop AAmerica Reedsport Benches

AAmerica Westlake
Shop AAmerica Westlake Bedroom Furniture
Shop AAmerica Westlake Mirrors
Shop AAmerica Westlake Chest of Drawers
Shop AAmerica Westlake Trunks

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